Financial Institutions

Different clients, different needs. Specialised solutions to guarantee excellence in the results.

For over 30 years, GLOVAL has provided its services to financial institutions as a valuation company that is authorised by the Bank of Spain.

The figures position us as one of the leading companies, not only for the amount of valuations made, but also for the certified value of our valuations, geographic coverage and qualifications of our experts, both internal and external, with over 1,100 professionals.

But what we are extremely proud of is the professional work we always perform for each visit, each development consultancy service, each value proposal and each validation.

Specialised Services for Financial Institutions

It’s not only about value, we also detect and reduce risks in financial operations.

With a V for value.

Gloval builds value, offering an integrated service through its five business units that meet all the needs in the sector.

If you need one of our services...

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