Commercial Property Appraisal

Appraisal of properties linked to a business, such as hotels, petrol stations, etc.

What is a commercial property?

Hotels, nursing homes, shopping centres... are assets linked to a business.

Properties or activities that are usually carried out in buildings or parts of buildings that can only be used for a single purpose and are or may be linked to a business (i.e. can produce income). Among other properties, these include:

  • Hotel establishments of whichever category (hotels, hostels, B&Bs, inns, self-catering accommodation, health resorts, holiday cottages, holiday resorts, camping sites, etc.).
  • Healthcare or care establishments, such as clinics, hospitals, day-care centres, pharmacies, etc.
  • Recreational and sports facilities such as theatres, venues, sports centres, etc.
  • Teaching and cultural centres, such as schools, museums, etc.
  • Accommodations of all kinds, like student halls, nursing homes, care homes, etc.
  • Transport hubs, including bus stations or parking lots.
  • Industrial facilities (factories, industries, etc.).
  • Other establishments, such as petrol stations, tobacconist’s shops, etc.

Who needs it?

Individuals or companies of any kind who need an appraisal and/or advice on a property or operation linked to a business.

This is for companies, financial entities, hotel chains, holding companies, investors, real-estate investment trusts, family office, corporations, owners, tenants, shareholders, expert operators, public sector in general (government agencies, autonomous communities, town councils and regional governments), public bodies, non-governmental organisations, professional associations and foundations or religious institutions.

In general, anyone who needs an appraisal and/or advice to make a decision on an investment, divestment, construction, corporate operation and/or the operation of a real-estate asset or goodwill.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Its expert advice and support in decision-making.

Gloval guarantees expert advice to optimise your cash flow and returns and offers a comprehensive service platform as well as its vast experience, as proved with our appraisal of over 16,000 million euros in hotel assets (nearly 140,000 rooms in nine countries) and 1,100 million euros in healthcare and care assets in the last three years.

We help owners and operators or tenants to make the best decisions on investments, purchases, sales or business operations, using our own advanced systems to process information for a technical and rigorous appraisal.

How do we do it?

We apply the most suitable methodologies for each case (ECO, RICS, IVS...).

Gloval complies with the different regulations and methodologies required to appraise businesses and real-estate assets linked to a business, both national and international, Spanish Order ECO/805/2003 and its amendments, RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), IVS (international standards), with a wide network of experts that are specially qualified and have extensive professional experience.

1. Contact and visit

Once we have received the order, one of our experts will contact the client to arrange a visit.

2. Documentation and checks

We will ask you for a series of documents on the property and make the necessary checks.

3. Analysis

We will analyse the data gathered on the visit, the documents you provide and the checks made.

4. Report

We then write down the results from these processes in the report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No. For a property to be considered a commercial property (ILEE, property linked to a business) the operations run in/on the property must produce income, now or in the future, and must be used for a specific purpose or operation in terms of town planning, or the change of purpose or operation will entail a large investment. This is usually defined as a “single purpose” property.

The specific documents that are usually required for this type of appraisal, when available, will be the Business Licence and the detailed income statements for the last three years and, depending on each case, other documents that may be relevant according to the business, such as agreements, subsidies, rental agreements and receipts of last rents paid, etc.

The value of a business under a licence that is run under a specific regulatory framework. For instance, the business run in a pharmacy, tobacconist’s shop or a lottery outlet, without taking into account the properties where they are run.

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