Insurance companies

Different clients, different needs. Specialised solutions to guarantee excellence in the results.

GLOVAL has vast experience in delivering appraisals to hedge the technical provisions of insurance companies as required in Spanish Royal Decree 2486/1998 of 20 November, and according to Art. 2c of Spanish Order ECO/805/2003.

Furthermore, GLOVAL, through its expert engineering and control teams prepares experts’ reports, damage appraisals and pathology analysis and acts as a OCT (technical control body) for ten-year insurance in the development sector.

Specialised Services for Insurance Companies

Gloval’s different divisions have worked together to develop an all-round methodology that can meet the needs of this group of clients.

With a V for value.

Gloval builds value, offering an integrated service through its five business units that meet all the needs in the sector.

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Do you need one of our services?
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