Market and Investment Reports

We do special market research and reports on the real-estate sector.

What are Market and Investment Reports?

We do market research and reports to analyse the current situation and trends in the real-estate sector.

We analyse the history, current situation and trends of the real-estate sector to have an insight into the behaviour of the different real-estate sectors, as well as a profile of the supply and demand in a certain territory. Our market reports help design investment portfolios, make the appropriate decisions on the sale of financial or real-estate assets and define pricing strategies to maximise the returns on the portfolios.

Who needs it?

Professionals from the real-estate sector who wish to know the situation and trends of the sector in a specific area.

The players in the real-estate sector need an analysis of the current market to make the right decisions. Therefore, having a report or research on the specific sectorial market will provide them with real information on the real-estate market’s situation and a profile of the supply and demand. Gloval’s Market Reports provide insight into the market that is driven by many indicators and for which we need accurate forecasts.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Experience, rigour and trust. We have performed millions of appraisals since this company was established.

Our experience and wide-range knowledge of the financial and real-estate sectors make us the ideal company to offer information and analysis applied to your projects.

Big Data and Business Intelligence are our main allies. Thanks to our own systems and deep learning and market intelligence tools, we turn information into knowledge and business opportunities.

How do we do it?

We analyse our own information and third-party information to draw out value.

We process our own information and third-party information to offer a market report that will feature, among other matters:

  • A thorough study of the current supply in the area, identifying, within the different uses, the types, functional programmes, equipment, etc.
  • We break down the market values into different variables.
  • Market trends.
  • Study on demand.

1. Analysis

We meet with the client to discuss the specific needs in each case.

2. Order

The client orders the services and accepts the quote.

3. Report

We gather information, examine it if required and prepare the report.

4. Delivery

We sign-off and deliver the report to the client.

Sample reports by Gloval Analytics


Monograph on the real-estate market in Marbella

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Report on housing indexes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The main source of information is GLOVAL’s own valuations, as we have performed over five million valuations based on information checked by a qualified expert. This information, together with the data from public bodies and large companies, allows us to complete the data and therefore offer more and better information.

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