Consultancy Service for the Inheritance and Donations Tax

Advice on how to save money with the Inheritance and Donations Tax.

What is the Consultancy Service on Inheritance and Donations Tax?

Opposing expert valuation to claim values for the Inheritance and Donations Tax.

The Inheritance and Donations Tax is the taxes applied when a natural person increases their estate for free. Each Autonomous Community collects this tax applied to a property obtained through an inheritance or donation. The base used to calculate the tax is the property’s real value.

Who needs it?

Claims regarding the values submitted by the taxpayer that the Tax Agency disagrees with.

The Inheritance and Donations Tax is calculated based on the property’s real value. The value reported by the taxpayer may be revised by the Public Agency and if the taxpayer disagrees with it and intends to challenge it, he/she will need an opposing expert valuation. This opposing valuation submitted by the taxpayer should clearly justify the real value of the property at the time of the inheritance or donation.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Its history of millions of valuations, appraisals and comparisons all over Spain.

Over 30 years of market information, valuations and appraisals gathered by the companies that make up Gloval (Ibertasa, Valtecnic and VTH) provide us with a vast and accurate knowledge of the trends and situation of the real-estate sector at the specific time each opposing expert valuation refers to. Our many technical experts who specialise in appraisals have the expertise and skills required to prepare these opposing valuations.

How do we do it?

We check the values submitted by the taxpayer against the real market values and prepare an opposing expert valuation.

A qualified expert analyses the information we receive to be able to give the best advice if the Tax Agency claims a different value. Sharing information with the client and our expertise is crucial to succeed with the appeal.

1. Analysis

We meet with the client to discuss the specific needs in each case.

2. Order

The client orders the services and accepts the quote.

3. Report

We gather information, examine it if required and prepare the report.

4. Delivery

We sign-off and deliver the report to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Retrospective appraisals are appraisals done today to establish or find the value of a property at some point in the past. To do this, we use different techniques, either by gathering information and the value of other properties at that point in the past, or by adjusting the value based on the rates of price variations over time.

In this sense, GLOVAL has over 30 years’ experience in appraising property, which makes us a leader in this industry and lends us more credibility in establishing retrospective appraisals.

To prepare our report, we need the Deed of the inheritance and/or donation. It’s also convenient to have the Tax Agency claim with their value for the date of the property inheritance or donation. Additionally, any other document that proves the value of the property at the time of the inheritance or donation.

To prove the value of a property on a specific date, we need reliable and comparable market data from the time of the appraisal. In this regard, given the experience and volume of all the appraisals done by GLOVAL we have this information. The qualified staff who is devoted to preparing this type of appraisal reports depending on the type and use of the property is made up of architects, architectural technicians, construction engineers and agricultural engineers.

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