Mortgage Servicers and Real-Estate Agencies

Different clients, different needs. Specialised solutions to guarantee excellence in the results.

GLOVAL offers a wide range of services for servicers, from mass appraisals based on automated models (AVM, automated valuation model) of the properties making up a portfolio, to Drive By and Desktop appraisals with a view to covering the different regulatory needs they may have.

For real-estate agencies we provide the same services, especially our automated appraisal models (AVM) and, when required, valuations for mortgages.

GLOVAL offers mortgage servicers an extensive network with over 1,000 experts on local markets and urban planning, spread across Spain to cover any needs they may have to manage their assets, from identifying or appraising the assets, to executing or guiding them through transactions.

Specialised Services for Mortgage Servicers and Real-Estate Agencies

Gloval’s different divisions have worked together to develop an all-round methodology that can meet the needs of this group of clients.

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With a V for value.

Gloval builds value, offering an integrated service through its five business units that meet all the needs in the sector.

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