Custom Analytical Solutions

Each need has its own solution.

What are our Custom Analytical Solutions?

Solutions adjusted to your needs

Gloval has different types of custom analytical solutions and procedures to develop your own models for a specific need in the three different areas in analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

Descriptive Analytics.
Gloval can analyse the market, opportunities and demand, balanced scorecards, risks, data enrichment and alerts.

Predictive Analytics.
In this field, we have solutions to predict values, dynamic evolution, VaR, ROI and future rules.

Prescriptive Analytics.
Producing scenarios and optimising and improving the decision-making process.

All this at your reach in different formats: as ad hoc reports, on-demand solutions, on-premise APIs, or even a customised platform.

Who needs it?

People or entities who have needs in the real-estate market that are not met by general or mass solutions.

Any legal entity who can’t find what they need in conventional solutions and seek answer to their most complex questions and wish to get ahead of the competition with unique solutions that are fully adapted to them.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Experience, a specialised analytical team, unique data and business know-how.

We have established a special division for market intelligence with excellent, experienced professionals who specialise in Computer Architecture, RPA and Digital and Business Analytics. We have a singular database that has data on the properties visited by Gloval’s very own experts in person, with over 35 years of data, over 3 million houses visited and over 1,000 experts gathering new data on the real-estate market.

How do we do it?

Using our own methodology, we combine Gloval's 35 years’ experience in the real-estate market and unique, top-quality data with Big Data and AI processes and tools.

Our methodology focuses on producing a pilot solution that will give a Minimum Viable Product (stages I to V) which meets a specific need to bring value quickly to the business. After this, we can expand it with other releases until we reach the desired solution. This way, we will prove our skills and bring value to the company.

We start by studying the Business, scope, technical and real-estate implications, choice of external sources and their prioritisation, understanding of client data and definition of KPIs to measure success in order to develop analytical models that will tackle the business issues.

Once we have the results, it is important to continue our interactions to develop new functionalities or solve new cases, creating new modules or improving the pilot app.

1. Data Processing

Data cleaning, quality assurance, access to Gloval’s external or internal sources, data enrichment, creation of explanatory variables.

2. Modelling

Presentation of the BI data with specific insights into the business. Developing machine learning models, turning data into knowledge (segmentation, predictive models, optimisation, natural language processing, etc.).

3. Deployment

We deploy the models developed in the client’s environment or our cloud within the sections assigned specifically to the client, and deploy access to the information: results of the model, reports, API, KPIs or our intelligent data management platform.

4. Results and Testing

We check the results of the pilot app. Then we confirm if these are suitable and match the purposes of the pilot app according to the KPIs defined in the first stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It depends on each specific need, but we will try to adjust to the client and bring value to the business in two to three months.

We have provided many and very different solutions. To name a few: we determined the best location to open a new establishment, analysed customer segmentation, created mirror zones, optimised portfolios, minimised risks and selected opportunities for the purchase of land and property, determined future demand for different types of houses, predicted future house prices and rents, reported the trends in demand, issued market reports, etc.

No, part of our work is to understand the client’s situation and establish their priorities depending on the results sought and the ROI calculations.

We always start with one or two preliminary meetings to understand the client’s needs and present them with a suitable proposal.

If you need one of our services...

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