Asset Inventory

Inventory of real or moveable assets.

What is an Asset Inventory?

The identification, analysis and orderly coding of any type of real or moveable asset.

An inventory is a meticulous task that involves the identification and detailed analysis of every single element, real or moveable, that makes up a portfolio or is part of a company or institution’s assets.
Based on each client’s needs, this service can merely entail the identification and compilation of the inventory or also include its appraisal and management.

Who needs it?

Institutions, companies and individuals

From a medium-sized property management business and family office, to mortgage servicers, corporations and all kinds of Public Institutions (Government Agencies, Autonomous Communities, City/Town Councils and Regional Governments) and private companies.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

An expert team with vast experience and an excellent reputation in the sector.

GLOVAL compiles, appraises and manages inventories with the necessary infrastructure and knowledge of the specific regulations and a specialised team that boasts vast expertise.

How do we do it?

We develop specific solutions and provide knowledge and experience.

We deliver an all-round, thorough and made-to-custom job that goes from preparing the inventory to appraising and managing it if necessary.

1. Contact and identification

Adjustment and launch of the final work plan.

2. Information and documentation

We gather and process information.

3. Analysis

We analyse and reconcile all the information and documents gathered to assess and organise them.

4. Delivery

Final delivery to the client and/or coordination of other tasks, such as updating and maintaining the inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on the client’s requirements, our role will cover three stages: compiling, appraising and managing the inventory, including different tasks like identifying and collecting data on the field, reconciling and controlling the inventories with the accountancy records and designing and implementing management programmes.

You will need to provide all the information possible, written and oral, so that the allocated expert or experts can process it and reconcile it as the first step in identifying assets that will allow us to define the next tasks.

An up-to-date asset inventory allows a company or small holding company to optimise its processes, such as legal, land registry, cadastre or urban planning regularisations for properties, the appraisal of assets or reconciling them with the accountancy records, as well as the design and implementation of mechanisms to manage and control said assets.

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