Automated Mass Appraisal (AVM)

The solution to mass appraisals with automated models.

What is an AVM?

Automated Valuation Model.

AVMs (Automated Valuation Model) are appraisals that follow an automated model applied to lots of properties or a specific one in almost real time.

Our AVMs follow the Bank of Spain guidelines on automated appraisals. For the development of our appraisal model we use statistical models and machine learning models based on Gloval’s own extensive database and third-party databases, with real-estate market indicators.

This methodology allows us to appraise an entire property portfolio, where the margin of error will depend on the effectiveness of the model used that must be first calibrated and then tested (backtesting).

Who needs it?

Do you need to appraise your entire property portfolio?

Credit entities for the book value of properties established as guarantees or owned, in accordance with Appendix 9 of Memorandum 4/2017 of 27 November on the rules on public and reserved financial reporting and financial statement models.

Any natural or legal person who requires an affordable valuation of an entire property portfolio or an immediate estimate of the property value, accepting the margin of error shown by the model for each case.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We have the entire history of the real-estate market since its creation and we have combined it with technology for you.

We have an exceptional database that we have been feeding for over more than 30 years in the real-estate sector. Unique data that is not available to other companies. We have gathered this data through our vast network of experts spread across Spain.

We bring together our expertise on the mortgage business with specially developed analytics that use conventional models and machine learning ones to minimise the margin of error in the AVMs to such extent that our model is the one with the smallest margin of error in the industry. These margins of error are defined by postal code and this allows us to estimate the possible margin of error of a result in a certain geographical area before the appraisal. Our extensive expert network allows us to gather real data that optimises the model and to re-calibrate it with the backtesting results.

How do we do it?

The value of having the real-estate market history and combining it with advanced technology.

We have two main ways of delivering the AVM results to the user: as a single delivery or through our Mister platform.

1. Order

Tell us your needs by filling in our form.

2. Analysis

We will analyse your order, assign an expert team who will contact you to arrange the scope of the order, how to deliver the file with the properties that will be appraised, and let you know the cost and the delivery time.

3. Your value

Before you get the report, the property appraisal goes through an automated calculation process that may have the manual input of our experts to produce the best result.

4. Delivery

• As a single delivery:
Before the deadline, we will send back the file fed with the value estimate, a report for each property with the comparable properties and a summary gathering all the information on the portfolio.

• Platform:
We provide access to our appraisal platform called Mister, where we load the properties in the specified format. The platform gives you access to the information mentioned above and you can see the comparable properties used for each case with their geographic location and change some data interactively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This depends on the type and amount of properties to be appraised.

For single deliveries, you will get the appraisal on the same day, and through the platform, you will get the appraisal in about 2 seconds.

Contact our sales department through the contact form at the end of this page and you will get a demo username and password for a trial of the platform. They will also answer any questions you may have.

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