Asset Optimisation

We improve the value of your assets by proposing formulas to optimise and make a greater and better use of your asset portfolio.

What is Asset Optimisation?

We design and implement value proposals for your real-estate assets.

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the market, we offer sound proposals and solutions to improve the value of your real-estate assets, minimising the risk in the design of your investment plans and the creation of portfolios and special investment instruments.

Who needs it?

Investment funds, property management businesses, large businesses, services, asset managers and owners.

To ensure the best use and management of the properties in a portfolio, their owners and operators need complete and updated information of the real-estate market and know the prospects and trends of each sector to be able to make the right decisions and manage the risks adequately.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We develop a custom-made strategy for each client with the support of our market knowledge and the strength of our team.

We turn information and knowledge into business opportunities, by sharing our powerful databases and our own software to give sound arguments that will support the decision-making and minimise risks in designing new portfolios and optimising and improving the existing ones.

How do we do it?

We prepare an accurate profile and analysis of the real-estate assets and the market potential.

We develop value proposals to improve the value of your assets through the update, change or use and improvement of the operating models. First we construct a profile of the assets, pointing out their weaknesses and strengths, checking their legal and urban planning status and their position in the market.

From this profile, we propose a custom-made implementation plan for each client and type of assets or portfolios, considering their repositioning, the capex where necessary and the design of the commercial strategy, including our support for negotiations and closing deals. Our services also include reporting on the progress and status of the assets that are to be optimised or managed.

1. Analysis

First analysis of the portfolio and client’s needs.

2. Order

The client orders the services and accepts the quote.

3. Report

We gather information, identify the assets, analyse the data and prepare the report.

4. Delivery

We sign-off and deliver the report to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Asset Optimisation…

The more documents you provide on the property, the more accurate will the optimisation be. In any case, we will make the necessary checks depending on the intended scope of the optimisation, such as enquiries with the cadastre or land registry, on urban planning, etc.

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