Fast online valuation with all the guarantees 20% DISCOUNT


Fast online valuation with all the guarantees

Mortgage Valuation

The regulated appraisal of Valuation Companies authorised by the Bank of Spain.

Expert’s Reports

We prepare expert’s reports and arbitrations on properties and damages.
> Expert’s Report on Properties
> Expert’s Report on Damages

Project Monitoring

Monitoring your project from an administrative, technical and financial point of view.

We are also specialists in

> Green Loan Monitoring

More Services

More Services

We are a leading company in integrated services, including real-estate appraisals, engineering and consultancy.

Commercial properties

Appraisal of properties linked to a business, such as hotels, pharmacies, petrol stations, nursing homes, etc.

Special Appraisals

Appraisals on companies, businesses and all types of tangible and intangible assets.

Automated Mass Appraisal (AVM)

The solution to mass appraisals with automated models.

Portfolio Appraisal

The NPL&REO Market.

Technical hedging

Technical Hedging for Insurance Companies, CIS and Pension Funds

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Appraisals in connection with bankruptcy proceedings.

Location Strategy

We find the optimum location for your project or business.

Real-Estate Operations

We guide the seller or buyer in property transactions or rentals.

Asset Optimisation

We make the best of your assets by optimising and designing your asset portfolio.

Cadastre and registry optimisation

Cadastre and Land Registry audit to regularise updated information.

Asset Inventory

Inventory of real or moveable assets.

Development Consultancy

Urban planning audit and Due Diligence on plots of land.

OCT and Quality Assurance/Control

Technical supervision as Technical Control Body (OCT) and Quality Assurance/Control in building projects.

Technical Due Diligence

Report on the Technical Audit or Technical Due Diligence of a property or project in real-estate transactions.

Project Management

Different clients, different needs. Specialised solutions to guarantee excellence in the results.

Market and Investment Reports

We do special market research and reports on the real-estate sector.

Analytical Solutions

You propose the challenge, we come up with the solution.

Energy Audit

Audit to reveal the level of energy efficiency and sustainability of a property or organisation.

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