Location Strategy

Location & Implementation. We give you advice on the optimum location and implementation for your project or business.

What is the Location Strategy?

We analyse and develop the best place for your project or business.

GLOVAL seeks and analyses the best options in the market to implement, locate and optimise spaces for any kind of business or project, guiding you with an all-round approach and a broad range of services that will take into account the market situation and the specifics of each case.

Who needs it?

Individuals and companies who seek the best place for their business and advice on implementing it.

Aimed at individuals and companies of any kind, investors, companies, corporations, family office, institutions and organisations to help them find the best location for their head office, investment or expansion projects, and guide them in the implementation (viability of the technical project, dealing with licences and permits, managing building work, etc.).

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Knowledge of the market and expertise.

GLOVAL guides its clients to choose the best locations for their projects. We define the expansion and implementation strategy together in line with their needs, seeking the best options and fit for the real-estate market. Once the location is determined, we guide them in the implementation, from closing the deal on the purchase or rental to handing the key to the property.

How do we do it?

We optimise the results of your project with a global market view.

Once the expansion and implementation plans have been determined and we have analysed different positions, we advise on the global approach for the market and the project, offering technical solutions that span from defining and designing the project, to the paperwork and full execution.

1. Prior analysis

Based on the client’s information and requirements, we analyse the specifics of each project.

2. Order

Once we have shared our value proposal and the order is accepted, we start the project.

3. Information and analysis

After our market research, we put forward scenarios and proposals.

4. Delivery

Once the client has approved the proposals, we execute the project in a coordinated way with all the people involved.

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Today’s competitiveness and new business models make it more important than ever to have a good location strategy and find the best place to succeed with any plan or business for your first implementation and any future ones.

New technologies play an increasingly significant role in defining the location and strategy of a company, project or business. Concepts such as Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning have become our day-to-day tools and gain more and more relevance in the decision-making.

There is no standard pattern of factors. Each project or company will need its own model that will adjust to its needs and targets in order to optimise the results.

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