Investors and Holding Companies

Different clients, different needs. Specialised solutions to guarantee excellence in the results.

REITs (SOCIMI), Investment Funds, Private Equity, Family Holding Companies

Gloval can cover the needs of clients with an investor or holding company profile. Generally regulated, some of them listed, these clients share a very direct exposure to the real-estate market and are therefore accountable for transparency and liquidity.

Investment Funds have an integrated service platform with added value that is linked to the real-estate sector, operating as a technical partner in the analysis, management and execution of projects through Prime Yield.

We help REITs (SOCIMI in Spain) with the direct appraisal of their portfolio or by advising them on the investment or divestment in properties and their management.

Our reports support Private Equity operations in Spain and abroad.

Furthermore, we accompany Family Holding Companies with close guidance, where understanding our client’s needs perfectly becomes our most important goal.

Specialised services for Investors and Holding Companies

Gloval’s different divisions have worked together to develop an all-round methodology that can meet the needs of this group of clients.

With a V for value.

Gloval builds value, offering an integrated service through its five business units that meet all the needs in the sector.

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Do you need one of our services?
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