Expert’s Report on Damages

Technical and Functional Inspections, Pathologies and Expert’s Reports.

What is an Expert’s Report on Damages?

Technical inspection reports, study of pathologies, expert’s reports and appraisal of damages.

The expert’s report on damages is conducted by a qualified expert who analyses the pathologies and defects detected in a specific property (cracks, flooding, breakages, etc.) to determine their causes. This analysis may include details by the expert, with an appraisal of the damages and if they can/should be repaired (opinion).

Upon the analysis, Gloval issues different types of reports, including the technical building inspection and appraisals on the building, accidents, damages and risks, as well as the maintenance and update of insurance.

Who needs it?

Individuals, companies, insurance companies, law firms.

Among other people, those who are required to do so by the local regulations, who wish to know the living standards and functionality of the property, who wish to claim damages to their property from the insurance company, etc.
This may also be needed by natural or legal persons, or by insurance companies, law firms, courts, government agencies, financial entities who need a detailed analysis of the pathologies and a damage appraisal.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We work with the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (insurance guarantee fund) and rely on a wide network of qualified experts.

Apart from working with the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, Gloval’s experts specialise in the different pathologies that may affect a property.

Our expertise comes from our experts’ daily visits for the follow-up and inspection of all types of building work and infrastructures spread across Spain, which provides them with a deep knowledge of the sector, rigour, speed and efficiency in determining and appraising the cause and repair of damages and pathologies in properties.

With the reassurance that Gloval is here to solve your problems, when needed, Gloval’s experts will go to the trial to ratify or defend the report and/or opinion of the analysis and appraisal of the damages.

How do we do it?

We apply our own methodology that we have validated through solid experience in common cases and specific issues.

In their inspections and reports, our experts guarantee the quality, professionalism and direct contact with clients and legal counsel throughout the proceeding, adapting to each case and to its specific circumstances. By working with the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, we can conduct complex damage appraisals, like those caused by flooding or the weather.

Lastly, if necessary, Gloval’s experts will go to court to ratify or defend their report and/or opinion on the damages.

1. Contact and visit

Once we have received the order, one of our experts will contact the client to arrange dates and visits.

2. Documentation and checks

You will need to provide all the documents on the property (land registry, technical, administrative documents) for us to analyse them.

3. Analysis

The expert will analyse the data gathered on the visit and the documents provided. If necessary, we will arrange more visits and/or take samples or run tests.

4. Report

We then write down the results from these processes in the expert’s report and/or opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a public business entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Businesses through the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds, that operates in the insurance sector to cover accidents caused by nature (flooding, earthquakes, seaquakes…) or to pay compensation when the liable company fails to meet its liabilities.

Some of the aspects analysed are the general state of the building and facilities, accessibility, architectural barriers, functional analysis, living standards, height, volume, suitability, safety, etc.

In some cases, these reports can be used as expert evidence as they establish the nature of the pathology and its likely causes (especially in cases where the expert has added his/her opinion).

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