Expert’s report on properties and/or arbitrations

Expert’s reports for the party, arbitrations, opinions as third-party appointed experts, opposing valuations for claims or legal actions.

What is an expert’s report on properties and/or arbitrations?

A specialised appraisal report that can be used for legal proceedings, lawsuits and/or complaints.

This type of report gives a financial analysis and a reasoned and unbiased opinion of the value of a property whose value is affected by a certain event or act (urban planning, contentious, etc.) to assess the causes and quantify the relevant effects and compensation.

In either case (expert’s report or arbitration), it aims to set forth, in a sufficiently clear and concise document, the appraisal or unbiased and reasoned opinion of the expert on the disputed event.

Who needs it?

Natural or legal persons, courts, law firms.

When you need a special appraisal report, issued as a party-appointed expert or a third-party appointed expert, or an opposing valuation to use in legal proceedings, lawsuits or claims.

Aimed at natural or legal persons, or insurance companies, law firms, courts, Companies House, public bodies (town/city councils), financial entities, etc.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

Our extensive network of experts is in contact with the agents of each sector on a daily basis.

All our experts have university degrees in architecture or engineering (3-year or 5-year degrees). Apart from their tasks in the office, they also perform a part of their daily work on the field for appraisals and for the follow-up and supervision of building work and property developments. Therefore, they have come to know the agents in each sector well and know how to interact with them, which makes the procedures and checks more effective and faster.

Also, when necessary, Gloval’s experts will go to court to ratify or defend their report and/or opinion.

How do we do it?

We contact the client, arrange a visit, ask for the documents required, analyse the information and issue the report and/or opinion.

When preparing an expert’s report on a property or an arbitration, our experts guarantee quality, professionalism and direct contact with the client, giving specialised support adjusted to each circumstance.

Lastly, if necessary, Gloval’s experts will go to court to ratify or defend their report and/or opinion on the damages.

1. Contact and visit

Once we have received the order, one of our experts will contact the client to arrange a visit.

2. Documentation and checks

We will ask you for a series of documents on the property and make the necessary checks.

3. Analysis

The expert will analyse the data gathered on the visit, the documents you provide and the checks made.

4. Report

He/she then writes down the results from these processes in the report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An expert is a qualified engineer or architect with the necessary knowledge and experience within a specific area, who is recognised as a trustworthy source in that area and always acts independently, objectively and honestly. Depending on who hires them, they can be a party-appointed expert (hired by one of the parties) or a court- or third-party-appointed expert (appointed by the court from the list of professionals).

This will depend on the purpose of the report and if the dispute is to be settled in court or privately. An expert’s report is linked to a legal action or trial, whereas an arbitration is linked to a dispute between individuals to be settled out of court and for which an independent arbitrator is appointed.

Once we have received the order, our experts will contact the client to arrange a visit to the property. Meanwhile, we ask for all the documents the client can provide on the property (land registry, administrative, legal, accountancy and technical documents). Depending on each case, we will ask for oral or written information from third parties or official bodies and we will run the checks required for each case. After analysing all the data collected, the expert will issue the report and/or opinion and send it to the client.

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