Your needs will determine the type of report and not the other way round.

What is an Appraisal

Appraisal not Valuation

An appraisal report determines the value of an asset or right based on value assumptions and checks on the property. It is usually a regulated report linked to a specific regulation depending on the purpose of the document.

This is not a valuation report that, even if it is also an appraisal, is a report issued for one of the purposes set forth in Art. 2 of Spanish ORDER ECO/805/2003. The best known purpose for a valuation is a Mortgage Guarantee.

An appraisal report is broader and can follow other standards, such as RICS, IVS or even no standards other than those specified in the report.

Who needs it?

It adjusts to your needs

Appraisal reports adjust to the client’s needs that are not set forth in the ECO order and usually answer to another type of needs, like your estate, tax, etc.

If you need an appraisal for a purchase or sale, inheritance or donation, partition, subdivision, segregation, leases and rentals, administrative concession, compulsory purchase order, urban development, etc., then the appraisal report is the right product for you, as we can adjust it to the purpose of the report and adopt the value assumptions and adjustments that best suit each case.

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